Welcome to Convolvulaceae Unlimited

This website (a work in progress) is dedicated to the Convolvulaceae (Morning glories and bindweeds), a family of climbers, herbs, shrubs and occasionally trees. Fifty eight genera and an estimatedĀ  1,880 species of Convolvulaceae are currently recognised.

For an introduction to the family, click here.

You can find descriptions of genera and species using the Taxonomy tab or by using the search function at the top of the page to search for a particular taxon.

A Bibliography for the family with more than 2,250 citations can be accessed by clicking on the "Literature" tab in the menu above. An Introduction that explains how to use all the features in the Bibliography can be accessed here.

A review of secondary metabolites in the family and their contribution to taxonomy can be found here.

Pollen morphology has been an important character for classification in the family. The on-line Convolvulaceae Pollen Atlas can be accessed here.

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