About the Convolvulaceae Bibliography

Introduction to the Bibliography

This bibliography about Convolvulaceae is a joint effort begun by Dan Austin circa 2000 and later joined by George Staples, with input from other researchers and data entry and cleanup assistance from volunteers. Initially the focus was taxonomy and systematics of the family, but later the focus broadened to include other scientific and popular items as well. A research grant from the American Philosophical Society (to Staples) in 2008 enabled visits to UK libraries to gather information; this support is gratefully acknowledged.

The bibliography was created and is maintained in EndNote Plus software and the version found on the Convolvulaceae Unlimited site is, unfortunately, not linked to the master file.

At present there are more than 2,100 citations in the bibliography. This is a work in progress and while the majority of the citations have been completed, standardized against B-P-H for abbreviations, and key words added to each citation, there are still some incomplete or non-standard citations as well. If you can provide details missing in any citations please do so and additions are also welcome.

In order to use all features of the Bibliography, such as search, filter, to correct entries, or to add new citations, you must be a registered user of Convolvulaceae Unlimited. Once registered, you will be able to make use of all features, including search the Bibliography by keywords, as well as by genus name and by major geographical regions (usually continents).

We will continue to add to the content of the Bibliography as references become available and time permits.

The controlled list of about 130 keywords used to compile the original EndNote library can be found here

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